The Mulliner two-door soft-top conversions of the 1960s are lovely machines, as evidenced by values heading for a million dollars. Ayrspeed is creating a tribute to these cars, with subtle and invisible upgrades to performance, reliability, handling and safety. After the first three Open Clouds are completed, Ayrspeed will consider commissions for further cars.

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wire wheels magazine

Motoring writer and author Iain Ayre laments the editorial budget cuts that mean car magazines can no longer afford him. He has launched www.MiataMag.com as a commercial venture and www.WireWheelsMagazine.com for fun.

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bentley specials

Many magnificent sports and racing Bentleys have been built on the stout and beautifully made MkVI Bentley chassis. Ayrspeed backdates the modern independent MkVI suspension to crude cart springs and solid axles for authentic scary 1930s handling.

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the golden wraith

The Golden Wraith is the first car commissioned from Ayrspeed by Chicago RR connoisseur Al Levit. Ayrspeed assembled a fine team of artist engineers to transform a 1950 Silver Wraith into an Art Deco styled boat-tailed Speedster.

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