RR Open Cloud Conversions

The primary prototype was a 1960 Silver Cloud II: a shame to sacrifice it, but its descendants will live long and magnificent lives. Off with its head! 
Changing to external trunk hinges allows the soft top to sit in the car rather than on it. 
The hinges themselves are replica period British items, and look as if they were purpose-made for this application. 

Ayrspeed Open Clouds are modern conversions of 1960s Rolls-Royce Silver Clouds from four-door sedans into two-door convertibles, with subtle, almost invisible upgrades and updates. 

The inspiration for the Open Cloud series is the Mulliner Park Ward conversions carried out for Rolls-Royce. The Mulliner coachbuilding company was owned by Rolls-Royce at that point.

Ayrspeed has introduced various improvements to the design, but none of them affect the general appearance of the cars.

They still look like the Mulliner cars, apart from a new design of the folding top to descend inside the body rather than being dumped on top of it with a duvet thrown over it. This has required localised redesigns under the surface.  

There is also massive internal strengthening of the body structure to provide side impact protection and improved torsional rigidity of the body.

The scuttle-shake and rattles of the original Mulliner conversions have been eliminated. That may surprise some, but with current values are at $650,000 and rising, so not many people have actually experienced Mulliner’s Rolls-Royce conversions juddering over bumps.  

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